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I created this some time ago so i thought I would share?


I found it extremely irritating trying to blindly figure out which stained glass pattern went best with what when going to Cyrus to recolor it, so I uh… made a guide.

If you’ve got the Japanese game, according to a picture I found of the, “Kanpeki Guide Book,” and sifting through Japanese blogs (co-begiii and yuzupurinmura on ameblo, and moimoigeorge here on tumblr) because the guide was a bit fuzzy, my guide SHOULD correspond as follows:


外側の模様: 0はモダン(オリジナル)、1はフラワー、2はシヤープ、3はシンプル、4はネイチャー、5はマジクル、6はウインタ

内側の模様: aはモダン(オリジナル)、bはフラワー、cはシヤープ、dはまるまる、eはネイチャー、fはバード、gはウインタ」

(Apologies for my terribad Japanese grammar.) As you can see if you can read Japanese, barely anything has changed, other than pretty much the nautical and round, but it still screwed up my guide, so I felt the addition was necessary.

Feel free to plaster it all over any sort of wiki or whatever I really don’t care what you do with it. I just did it to be useful, not for Animal Crossing fandom fame or something. Rip it to shreds, do whatever, just don’t claim outright you made it, and we’re cool. I don’t even care about credit. At all.

I admittedly photoshopped everything other than 0a, 1b, 2c, 3d, 4e, 5f, and 6g to save time, but I have actually made 5d and 5g and they look exactly the same as the guide.


scrappy transparent shep..bc the background was really gross…

I miss this guy :(


able beans


Saharah was not amused..


If you like Fashion You will love this!!!

I will never understanding people that reblog posts and completely delete the text and add their own.


So because you can’t put custom QRs on signs I thought i’d share the patterns for these! Please don’t delete this text, no credit necessary though if someone asks where you got them please refer to this post! If you use them i’d love to see pics also


1. What villager personality would you be?
2. What animal would you be?
3. What is one thing you would change about Animal Crossing?
4. What badge do you look forward to getting the most?
5. What is your fave pwp and why?
6. What is your least fave pwp and why?
7. What is one thing you would change about your town?
8. What’s your favorite ITEM in your town? Item you want the most but don’t have?
9. Whose your favorite villager? (that you have, and that you don’t)
10. What villager do you hate the most? (that you have, and that you don’t)
11. What’s your favorite shop on Main street? Why?
12. Where is your museum (the left or the right side of main street?) Do you like this?
13. What colour is your train station?
14. How many rocks do you have in your town?
15. How many lakes do you have in your town?
16. How is your river shaped? Do you like this?
17. Whose house placement do you like the best?
18. Whose house placement do you dislike the most?
19. What’s the best gift a villager has ever given to you? (aside from their picture)
20. What’s your favorite picture quote from a villager?
21. What’s your favorite emotion?
22. What’s your favorite island item?
23. What’s your favorite tour?
24. Describe your best experience in club tortimor
25. What’s your favorite flower?
26. How big is your tree (small, medium, large)
27. what’s your favorite room in your house?
28. What badge do you look forward to getting the most?
29. How do you feel about Tom Nook
30. When did you purchase New Leaf?
These are so cute! Ask away ❤

Last night Cobb pinged and told me he planned on moving on the 31st. I got excited and told him to go.

Then he decided to stay.

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